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Designed by your students, for your students — literally!
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Flexible Options
Direct data version
Student personalized version
The ideal choice for directly involving your students in their graduation ceremony.
Supply us with the same information as the institution data version, or allow your students to add this content themselves.
Through our platform, students can also upload graduation pictures or pictures with family and friends. You can customize two prompts for them to answer, such as "what is your favorite memory?" and "give a special thanks to someone."
We'll also add speeches, music, and sound design.
You may review and edit any data supplied by students.
Supply us with your graduates' names, degrees,  honors and awards, and photos. We will use this information to create the animated student procession.
Colors and logo are branded to your institution.
Finally, send us content like pre-recorded student and administrator speeches, or pictures for a slideshow. We'll edit this material, stitch it in before and after the student procession, and we will add music and audio design. 

Invite your graduates back into the celebration

— making them active participants, rather than passive observers.

With GraduateVirtually, every one of your students can create their own personalized scene during your ceremony video.


Students can customize their scene by adding text and images.


Or, if you’re tight on time,  send us the content directly and surprise your students with a special moment!


A Personalized Experience

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Colleges and Universities


Christen Gowen

Union College

Schenectady, NY

We used Motifmotion to produce our online conferral of degrees ceremony, which was very well received. We received a lot of positive feedback on the animation and how well it flowed. We appreciated Motif's clarity in the timeline to produce the animation which helped us stay on schedule as we hit several project milestones. A great process overall!

For every student...


Brooklyn Secondary School.jpg

Vincenza Mannino

Brooklyn Secondary School

Brooklyn, NY

Love this Motifmotion!!! The team was great to work with and helped our school with our graduation ceremony that had to be redone because of another company’s negative service.


Motifmotion was our superhero!!! We look forward to working with them again on another project!! Very professional!!!!! 5 star service.

Middle and Elementary Schools 

Edverette Brewster.jpg

Edverette Brewster


Holmes Innovation School

 Boston, MA 

I am a principal in Boston and we worked with Motifmotion to provide a virtual graduation for our kindergarten and 5th grade students. The team at Motifmotion were extremely courteous, professional, and personable. They moved very quickly and the finished product was amazing! Thank you all for everything and your patience with our team! I highly recommend working with Motifmotion and would love to work with them again!

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Why Use GraduateVirtually?

Times have been tough for graduates in the age of Covid,

Student Involvement

No doubt about it — not being able to attend an in person graduation is a bummer. Luckily we've developed a way to invite your graduates back into the experience!


By giving graduates the opportunity to  upload their own pictures and craft their own messages, students will become active participants in their own graduation. 

Level of Customization

Customization. Personalization. Individuality. These are some of our most awesome selling points! 


With GraduateVirtually, institutions can brand their graduations and customize their headers and prompts. Meanwhile, students can customize their own slides. 


 Let's face it, when COVID hit in 2020, schools didn't have time to compare and contrast virtual graduation services. You can't be blamed if you ended up purchasing an overpriced powerpoint. Or if you created a list of scrolling names.


This year should be different! Compare the quality of GraduateVirtually to the other virtual graduations out there.


Student Personalized Sample

Hybrid Sample

Institution Data Sample

How It Works



We’ll set up a call with you to discuss your parameters — like how many students and how soon you need the video — and we’ll work with you to find the best approach for creating it.


Direct Content Collection

We’ll ask for a spreadsheet with your graduates' names. If you have graduation or yearbook photos of your students, great!  If you have other information like awards or degrees you would like to add to the video, send that information over too.


Student Content Collection

Time permitting, you can give your students an opportunity to personalize their own scene by adding memories, photos, future plans and/or a special thanks.


Quality Control

Using image detection software, we help make sure every image and text blurb is PG, and offer you an opportunity to give the video a thorough review before it goes live.  We’ll cut out anything you don’t want.


Rendering & Delivery

Using our proprietary personalized video software, we’ll process the content and create your video, complete with every student's unique moment.  Then, we'll stitch in speeches from students and administrators. Finally, we’ll send it to you, along with suggestions for how to best use it during your ceremony.


Wow Your Students

Your students will thank you for giving them an opportunity to participate in their graduation and making a once-in-a-lifetime moment more special.

Taking the student personalized route?

For Your Graduates, It's As Easy As


Who Are We?

Samples from our portfolio

We are the founders of Motifmotion. A creative studio working at the crossroads of personalized video, higher education, and interactive experience. 

For the past 6 years, we’ve been producing a portfolio of content for educational organizations, businesses and nonprofits — helping them achieve their communication goals.

Academic institutions we've worked with

Lehigh University
SUNY Geneseo
University of Pennsylvania
Monmouth University
TANG Institute: Andover

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We​'re an approved vendor for the NYCDOE and LAUSD

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