About Us

Motif Motion was officially founded in 2016, but our team members have been delivering dynamic digital content for over a decade. We work at the crossroads of art, education, and technology – but at our core, we are communicators. 


With professional experience in higher education, video production, graphic design, and software development, our small but mighty team is prepared to deliver your students a virtual graduation experience they won’t soon forget.

Portfolio Examples
Why Virtual Graduation, and Why Now?

Motif Motion is one of a few animation studios in the country that regularly works with colleges and universities. We understand your communication challenges and needs.


Our proprietary video software was developed over the course of several years. When talk of virtual graduations began, we moved to create a project workflow quickly.

The Team

Gregor Knell

 Founder - Tech Development - Animation Production


A jack of all trades, Gregor loves marketing, learning new programming languages, and is the musician, turned videographer, turned tech-geek who's made all this possible.

Barbara Lasic

Market Development Specialist


A former college admissions counselor, career advisor, professional volleyball player, and all-around extrovert, Barbara enjoys speaking to other human beings. Even in person. What a weirdo.

Phil Heusser

 Founder - Script Writing - Project Management


A once-upon-a-time university employee, Phil left Higher Ed in 2015, after realizing all those freelance marketing projects had the potential to turn into a career.

Jelica Kutlesa

Art Director


A Bosnian born, Croatian blooded, German dwelling visual artist, Jelica’s portfolio is as breadth-y as it is depth-y, and she’s led branding and design efforts for companies across Europe.