1. What kind of pictures and text? 


A. Images - Students have the option of uploading a “profile” picture, and if your institution wishes, 3 additional “favorite memory” images. Alternatively, your institution may send us a single picture for each student.


B. Text Fields (short) - Students are provided fields to write their degree(s), honors, awards and distinctions. *You may send us these directly if preferred*


C. Text Fields (paragraph) Each student scene allows for two 260 character mini-paragraphs. We provide suggestions for the content of these paragraphs — or you can create your own.

2.What happens if a student opts out? 


Up to you!


Either we can include “default data” you have on file - i.e. students’ names, degrees earned, and a silhouette placeholder for their profile picture, or non-participants can be left out of the virtual graduation entirely.


3. How do you keep student data safe? 


First, we avoid the collection and use of any sensitive data. Each student is assigned a unique passcode, tied to their first and last name. We send these passcodes to the institution, and you send them to to your students.  The content they provide (text and images) is voluntary, and deleted from our database upon completion of the project. 


After students finalize their submission, no further access to their scene builder is permitted.  


4. How do you ensure students don’t upload inappropriate material? 


We implement a step-by-step quality control process. 


Step 1: When students fill out the form, they are clearly warned that including inappropriate content (images or text), will result in immediate deletion from the virtual graduation, and potential disciplinary action from you. 


Step 2: Using image detection software, our team ensures every image and text blurb is PG-rated. 

Step 3: Your institution will have an opportunity to review the first draft and tell us which, if any, student scenes must be deleted from the video. 


5. We would like to announce our students' names live as the video plays. Is that possible? 


Most of our clients opt for music and student-personalized slides only — but the short answer is, yes! You can easily accomplish this by watching your ceremony on a computer, recording a timed name reading, and adding the audio file over the movie file.

Or you can accomplish this with a video platform like Zoom or Webex, by playing your ceremony video as your commencement speaker announces each student's name. 


Or you can use a live video editing software like Open Broadcast Software to stream to thousands on YouTube or Facebook.  With software like OBS, you can stream two channels simultaneously, (one being your graduation ceremony video and the other being live footage of your speaker) as you switch back and forth between them.


6. How much does GraduateVirtually cost? 


GraduateVirtually is priced on a sliding scale, with per-student rates. 


Fill out our contact form to learn more. 


7. Who are you, anyway? 


We are Motif Motion - a creative studio based out of Philadelphia. We have a background in HigherEd marketing and we’re a fun team. Check out some of our portfolio at motifmotion.com.