How graduateVirtually works

The Onboarding Phase

After the first meeting, we’ll send you a link to a simple form, housed on The choices you make on this form will become the basis of your institutional subdomain — i.e. the place your 2020 grads will go to create their personalized scenes.

You will customize your subdomain by adding your institution’s color palette, your logo, and any background music you might want. You'll also make decisions about the content your students' will be permitted to build into their scenes — like images and text. Finally, you will specify on what dates your subdomain will open and close. 

To make the student submission process as seamless as possible, we’ll ask that you provide a complete list of the class of 2020's first and last names, what degree(s) they will graduate with, and any honors/distinctions each student earned (if this is information you'd like included). 

Then, using their names as a reference, we will create a unique passcodes for every student, and send them to you.

Screen shot of institution customization form

The Submission Phase

This is when the magic happens! Your subdomain will contain a form for students to fill out. This form will allow them to create their personalized scene with content like photos, memories, and shout-outs to friends and family. 

During the submission phase, we’ll also supply you with email templates you can use to entice your students to visit your university subdomain and contribute their portion.

If a student fails to fill out the form, it’s not a problem! We can work with you to create placeholders so the moment is still special for them.

Screen shot of student customization form

The Creation Phase

Once the submission phase has closed. we’ll run a final round of quality control checks. (We’ll let you do a final check too, following delivery). Then, we’ll run your student data through our personalized video software, creating a unique segment for each and every student.  After that, we’ll combine all student segments them into a complete ceremony, and if you’d like,  add a music track of your choosing.


At that point we’ll send over the video with enough time to give it a final check.


And that’s that!


Don't forget, we’ll provide complimentary instructions for integrating your video into your it through Zoom, Webex, Facebook, Youtube or directly on your website.  

GIF of student personalized scene